Saturday, April 3, 2010

What is medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism has become the buzz word now. US president has signed the health care bill.There may be many loop holes.Many patients flock to Asian countries for the medical procedures.Reason is simple Cost cutting!They get the best world class medical care,humble hospitality clubbed with the flavor of their culture!In this scenario, Three fraternity have to come closer I believe.Medical,travel and media, If these come together then what not they can do?
Doctors.... please wake up and plan magnificently.This is a business opportunity laced with your profession. But remember opportunity never knocks twice! So grab it! Show case your skill and talent to the world!
If not you some other will have the cream. Anyway this is going to come.India is avant garde in this.But few other Asian countries are giving a stiff competition to India.

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Medical Tourism Guide for Health Care