Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heart and Knee Surgery in Bangkok-A Health Solution

Open Heart Surgery in Thailand by Vejthani Hospital…You are in the safest hands in the world. Highly competent doctors play wonders on your heart.

 You can expect the wonderful results of heart surgery from Vejthani Hospital. The motto of this hospital is to ensure patients and their kiths and kins a safe and secure heart operation! Bangkok offers a value based medical health treatment   and tourism. The medical expertises are renowned in the world of surgeons worldwide. So you also don’t have to worry as you are in the safe hands

Vejthan Hospital
Vejthan Hospital has the latest medical equipments to operate upon. OT’s are highly clinical and comfort inclined. Post operation treatment is very special and imparted with care. There is special staff trained for the post operation treatment.

Enjoy a new and better life sensation to your heart's content now that you have a better condition of the heart. Consult specialists at Vejthani TJR Center and receive the finest treatment.

Vejthani Hospital - Coronary Angiogram (CAG) Package at 37,000 Baht

Inclusion     Exclusion     Primary consideration
1. One night accommodation in the cardiac ward including food and nursing charge     1. All expenses incurred if the hospitalization is more than 1 night     Reserve only for elective case , Patients with complications or risks to the cardiac angiography are not considered to enroll in this package, those are as follows:
2. Medication and all medical supplies in the cath lab for coronary angiography     2. Diagnostic procedures in the out patient department before admission, Other diagnostic procedures i.e. EST, Echocardiography, DCG/Holter monitoring    
3. Catheterization Laboratory Charge     3. Any pre-procedural medication and medical supplies     Acute myocardial infarction/ Emergency case (service hour 07:00-16:00 hrs.)
4. Doctors' fee, nursing and technician charges in the cath lab     4. All other expenses not related to the cardiac angiography     Abnormality in blood clotting
5. Necessary medication and medical supplies in the ward     5. Emergency equipment charge i.e. balloon pump& Emergency heart surgery     Aortic dissection or aneurysm
    6. Balloons & Stents are not included in the package. The additional charge is based on the specific stents and the number of balloons & stents used     HIV positive
    Stroke symptom during the last 6 weeks    
    7. Miscellaneous expenses i.e. telephone, additional food & beverage     Chronic renal failure of which creatinine level is above 2 mg/dl
    8. Take home medication and medical supplies     Over 70 years of age
        History of graft study

At the end of the first-phase trial, presumably by the end of May, the research team will submit the results for review by international peer-reviewed journals, including the Asian Cardiovascular & Thoracic Annals. Then, the team plans to move forward to the second phase of trials that will be aimed at assessing the efficacy of the treatment with adult stem cells derived from the patient’s own blood.

Knee surgery
You should be ready to stay in the hospital for Knee surgery. Normally it takes 2-3 night stay in the hospital. 7 days are meant for post operation treatment.

ACL surgery needs a graft replaces the torn ligament. Doctor may take for graft from patient’s knee cap or any other areas. The whole procedure is called as Anthroscope performed with only small incisions. The graft is implanted into holes drilled in the tibia and femur, then secured to bone with screws or staples. No graft is needed afterwards. Surgeon’s sutures will do the rest of the job. The incision is closed with sutures, staples, or metal pins, and a bandage is applied.

Once the surgery is done you can use crutches in the beginning. Pain killers will remove pain. To reduce swelling, elevate leg and apply ice pack. Bathing or showering can be resumed 3 days after surgery and avoid exercise other than physical therapy until approved by your doctor. Physical rehabilitation after ACL surgery may take several months to a year. The length of time until you can return to normal activities or sports is different for every person; it may range from 6 to 12 weeks.

Author: Geeta Rao
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

: Medical Tourism –Buzz word of medical industry!

All over the world patients are looking for the lowest health care expenses. Thailand hits the dart in this race! It is running ahead than the rest of the Asian countries in ‘Medical Tourism.’ Private hospitals in the west are just unaffordable. Hence these patients turn to Thailand for the health care treatment.  Even simple dental treatment cost them an arm. Wiser ones don’t want to drain their pockets! Many have found out that Thailand is the best place for health care treatment. ‘Medical Tourism’ has been the new buzz word in this industry.

Perhaps Thai medical profession is the most advanced as well as well known in the region. Three fraternities have joined their hands in this effort to make the ‘medical Tourism’ successful. One is medical group, travel agencies and the third one is insurance agencies. Thailand medical tourism has chalked out a plan very methodically. Good infrastructure, medical expertise, English speaking staff and the most attentive nursing staff make this medical tourism a hit!  Thailand’s all hospitals are having the latest medical equipments. Thailand government has invested huge money in this sector. The government has seen the high potentiality in this sector. Now Thailand is bursting with the best medical doctors, perfect infrastructure, medical equipments, and professional nursing staff. Most of them have received ISO 9001 standardization certificates.

Only surgery is not the treatment here, there are equally competent paths to treat patients. A variety of cosmetic surgery options are available, as is cosmetic dentistry (laser teeth whitening, etc.) and laser sight correction (LASIK, etc.).  Khon Kaen is the hub of commercial and political aspects of north-eastern Thailand. This region is highly regarded as the superior quality silk and materials it produces and it is an extremely important area from a historical perspective. Khon Kaen is a place to a number of civilizations and centre of archaeological digs which have unearthed innumerable treasures from past but now stored or on display at Khon Kaen’s museums. The highest number of dinosaur fossils found in Thailand in this area.

This hospital has 200 beds and in the operation since 1995. It has been offering health services like open heart surgery, and other treatment. The hospital is related to Khon Kaen medical school and is an active training hospital for doctors. The treatment of patients is the uttermost duty of all. This motto has been carried on by each and every body in the hospital.

Visiting Thailand for healthcare treatment is the best decision one can take. If you are a sea food lover then no other place is better than this in the world! The economy of Thailand has become robust through this medical tourism. The treatment Thailand offers is just unmatched with the rest of the world. Everything is coordinated so nicely that it has to click surely!

  Author-Geeta Rao
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

San Paulo Hua Hin – Simply the Best Healing Solution for Patients Worldwide.

I love if my readers are benefitted from this blog somewhat and somewhere. Many of us live a ‘cocoon’s life’. It means we are unaware of the happening of the world. So I am trying to introduce hospitals of Bangkok. Hospitals, their services, expertise and very caring nursing staff are the asset of Medical Tourism in Thailand.

Don’t know why Thailand has been chosen for healthcare treatment and medical tourism in the world? Firstly USA the medical expenses can be afforded by the super rich only. Those who cannot afford or who feel the pinch will turn to cost effectiveness. Thailand is exactly meant for such patients. These patients get the world class, equally competent medical treatment in an affordable price. Medical Tourism in Thailand becomes like your personal healthcare partner offering the best medical and health care treatment.

Dental implants, SRS, drug rehab, infertility treatment, IVF egg donation PGD or plastic surgery and many more medical help is offered here. Medial Tourism in Thailand offers best value for money. Bangkok is beaming with the hi-tech, modern, effective and safe medical treatment. Your every health related worry is zeroed here! Medical care, excellent food clubbed with picturesque beauty is a package that Thailand Medical Tourism offers!  Thailand /Bangkok have carved a niche in the international health industry.

The most overwhelming part of Thailand Medical Tourism is it imparts value based medical treatment. Any medical treatment causes money but Medical Tourism in Thailand offers medical services in such a way that you your self will be realizing that ‘medical treatment means not only making money.’ Medical Treatment in Thailand goes beyond this. The world class medical expertise, attentive nursing staff, and competitive infrastructure with latest medical equipment make a powerful package of this tour. There are many hospitals in Bangkok depending on your pocket you can choose the one you like for the medicals services. Medical Tourism in Thailand has become so well known it can offer the agenda beforehand.

San Paulo Hua Hin Hospital has been situated on the beach resort Hua Hin. A tailor perfect spot for the medical treatment! It offers highly competitive health care treatment for the patients around the clock. You are in the safe hands of medical services. San Paulo is a private hospital having 75 beds on the count. San Paulo allows all sorts of insurance like social security, life insurance and car accident insurance. There are plenty foreigners coming in for the treatment so these medical services are gearing up with all these insurance agencies.

San Paulo Hua-Hin hospital established since 1997, located at 222 Phechakasem  Road, Hua-Hin District, Prachuapkhirikan province. This hospital has OPD, Emergency Department , ICU, Laboratory, Surgical Departments, Rehab center, Dental Department, Detox center and lastly Hemodialy center.This hospital is complete within itself. Full fledge facility with expertise enhance the medical tourism business. Only heath care treatment will not help to bloom. Medical +Travel +Insurance Make this Medical Tourism Business click in Thailand.  This fraternity strives hard to bring back the lost smile on the face of a patient.

Author: Geeta Rao
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hat Yai Hospital Bangkok- Offers Infinite Happiness to Patients!

Who will not go for the less expensive medical treatment in these sky rocketing medical expenses? Definitely everyone does! Bangkok kick starts its business in Medical Tourism Thailand. As such Thailand has been the most sought after spot for the tourists and health care treatment.

Since 2005 Medical Tourism in Thailand has caught up! Every western patient would like to fly to this place! What makes this Thailand so special? There are rock steady reasons to defend! Firstly the health care treatment is charged half compared to the west. Secondly unmatched treatment by the most experienced and skilled doctors. And the attention of nursing staff is just wonderful. Above all English speaking! Most importantly there is no language barrier!

The hospitals, travel agencies and insurance agencies are all joined in this business. The joint effort is so much attractive leaving you absolutely hassle free! Hence patients from the western part flock to the Eastern part of the world. If you are new or travelling for the first time then also need not worry. The agencies take care of everything assuring the excellent treatment and safe back journey!

There are plenty of hospitals in Thailand offering wonderful Medical Tourism services. You need to make a meticulous survey of these hospitals.  Health treatment in Bangkok is predominant since ages. You get the world’s best doctors; post operation treatment is wonderful, along with the personal attention of nurses. All sorts of treatment is available. Modern as well as oldest methodologies are available in the treatment.The infrastructure of Thailand hospitals is just second to none! The hospitals are spic and span! Almost all the hospitals of Thailand are equipped with the latest medical tools.

Now let me walk you through the hospital Hat Yai. This hospital does not need any introduction actually. The mission of this hospital is as given below.
 Provide high-quality medical services, complying with international standards
Uphold the values and ethics of medicine and its treatment;
Utilize advanced equipment and technology and to provide well-trained medical experts
Constantly improve the quality of life and care of our patients, worldwide
These hospitals are run on such uncorrupted principles of mission
Bangkok hospitals always offer a wide range of medical services. All designed to provide you with the best care possible, as quickly as possible, in critical situations. These hospitals just like to treat those patients to bring back the smile on their faces.
These are the services offered at Hat Yai hospital round the clock.
    24-hour Emergency & Trauma Center
    Ambulatory Services
    Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
    Mobile Cardiac Care Unit
    Hydrolance Ambulance Services
    Motorlance
    Medical Escort Services
Certain services may not be available at each medical facility. Our personnel would assists and provide referrals within our network hospitals

    - Cardiac Anesthesiology

 Bone and Joint (Orthopedic Surgery)

    - Arthroscopy Surgery & Sport Tramat

    - Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement)

 Brain (Neurology)

    - Neuromuscular

    - Parkinson & Movement Disorder Disease

    - Vascular Neurology (Stroke)

    - Surgery


 Cancer (Oncology)

    - Gynecologic Oncology

    - Head-Neck

    - Breast

 Chest (Pulmonary Disease, Lung)

 Children's Health (Pediatrics)


 Diabetes Mellitus and Endocrinology

 Diagnosis and Imaging (Radiology)

 Digestive System and Liver (Gastroenterology)

 Ear Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery)

    - Allergy

    - Head-Neck Surgery

    - Pediatric Otolaryngology

    - Sleep Medicine

 Eyes (Ophthalmology)

 General Practice

 Internal Medicine

    - Critical Care Medicine

 Kidneys (Nephrology)

 Men's Health


 Plastic Surgery

 Rehabilitation (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

 Reproductive Medicine (Fertility)

 Skin (Dermatology)


Author: Geeta Rao
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chiangmai Ram in Thailand offers medical services to make you cheerful!

Readers, I love to share with you few thoughts on medical tourism and am going to introduce hospital Chiangmai Ram this time. Readers we all wish not to get caught by doctors! But we do! Health care treatment has become an integral part of our lives.
Medical Tourism has become a buzz word in Thailand. Like any other field medical fraternity also likes to don a corporate outlook. The greatest attraction of Thailand is the excellent treatment at an affordable price. Because in the USA and UK medical expenses are unimaginably high! Treatment is absolutely what you get in USA and UK.The infrastructure, English speaking medical staff, caring and professional nurses, all make a good package deal for the patient. Thai hospitals are at par with any hospitals of international standard. Then why not to opt for Thai hospitals?
Other than the medical price Thailand attracts as a tourists centre. It is known as a tourist’s paradise. A lot of patients stay back after their treatment to have a tour around! This is really heartening and you can imagine the class of service Thailand offers in all segments. Most of the patients love to shop and sea food. Exclusive and picture perfect sea beaches offer relaxation to anybody who goes there. Amazing historical places just mesmerize you. All you need to do is to choose the hospital that suits you! There are many companies sprouting out to offer medical procedure. Make sure that the company you select has JCI accredited hospitals on the panel.
Let me walk you through the hospital Chiangmai Ram. A well equipped hospital belongs to Ramkhamhaeng Group. Chiangmai Ram is known as the largest with the most advanced medical equipments. This hospital is located in the Northern part of Thailand. The hospital was established in 1993. It has a total capacity of 350 beds. The hospital currently has 46 full time specialists. In addition, there are also about 150 visiting medical consultants. The hospital offers a wide variety of medical services including Psychiatry clinic, Bone and Joints Clinic, Dermatology Clinic, Oncologic Clinic, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology clinic, and many more. It also has a Dental Department which provides dental care services.

The hospital has long been serving local patients as well as patients from other countries. It offers various room rates such as single room, deluxe accommodation, and single room (international ward). The hospital has gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Furthermore, it is also accredited by the Hospital Accreditation of Thailand and is awarded the Prime Minister’s Export Award. Medical fraternity of Thailand has been very competent offering world class treatment. It covers the areas like orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cardiac care, fertility treatments and other types of specialized medicine.  Ramkhamhaeng Hospital has many internationally trained doctors with world-class credentials.
The fertility Clinic offers to bring you the bundle of joy! Childless couples can be blessed by child now. Medical miracle can offer you what not? There are plenty patients having children after they visited these fertility clinics.

Thailand medical tourism is sure of offering you excellent treatment, and food, personal care. Nowadays many companies have tied up with hospitals. Travel agencies, medical fraternity have joined their hands to tackle this medical tourism business.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Matchless Medical Tourism in Thailand – Booming Rapidly

Medical expenses in the United States have reached sky high. is the perfect word to describe the culture of traveling outside one’s own country, seeking Medical Tourism health care treatment for less expense. Thailand proves to be the hottest destination for this medical Tourism! Because, patients flock to Thailand in search of medical treatment and after the treatment they go home with a big smile on their face. This smile has been brought on their face by Thailand Doctors. Gradual increase in the number of patients has given a bit of business outlook for Thailand this time.  Medical Tourism in Thailand has earned 37 billion baht in 2006. 
Medical Tourists flocking to Thailand find a wide range of treatments available in the health care industry. Every treatment is available right from cosmetic surgery, dental work and orthopedic treatments to organ transplants and cardiac surgeries. Spa and physical therapy are also there. The cost is unimaginably low compared to USA and UK. A coronary bypass surgery can cost as high $100,000 (USD) in the United States, where as it costs only $12,000 (USD) in a Thailand hospital. Then why not to choose Thailand? The whole medical tourism is working on this question only! Patients get the same world class treatment in the hands of highly skilled doctors, English speaking staff, good ambiance, and personal attention by the trained nurses make ‘medical Tourism an excellent tour for any patient.
Thailand is not meant for only westerners, but it also treats wealthy Asians! Bangkok Hospitals have different sections like Japanese etc. 22 sections are there. Since the staff is trained highly in English, there is no language barrier. Thailand is beaming with world class and highly trained doctors. Many of these doctors are having US and UK degrees. Thai health care ranks very high in the US consular information. There are many travel agencies mushroomed, offering medical tourism packages. These packages include hotel, transport pick up and drop from the airport etc. Sometimes they may include even day trips, guided tours, spa treatments and nighttime entertainment.
Let us take a look at McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This hospital has been founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1889. McCormick Hospital, has gained the name and fame as an excellent medical service center especially for the poor. It is sort of a community service center. This hospital has 350 beds, and 19000 patients treated per year. Well trained nurses are quite capable of handling foreign patients.
Dr.Adul Warin, is the Director of this hospital. The treatment imparted here in this hospital is just matchless. Currently, McCormick Hospital has received ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 15189 for laboratory department. Medical treatment with a sense of service to the mankind is the motto of this hospital. According to statistics, McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, treats 400,000 out patients and 20,000 in patients yearly. The slogan of the hospital is ‘To share the love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.’ This hospital has every facility for treating any disease without any hesitation!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Booming Medical Tourism in Thailand, Bangkok!

Medical Tourism is comprised of terminology like medical travel, global health care, and health tourism. But they all mean the same! It refers to travel for health. Medical Tourism is increasingly becoming very famous as the number of patients is also increasing.

‘Health is wealth’ each one of us would like to be healthy and active as long as we live. But if we happen to serious diseases, then treatment is the only way out to opt for. The process of patients, flocking from another country or region or place is called ‘Medical Tourism.’ The services offer services in a medical tourism are plenty and could include heart surgery, join replacement surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental surgery and many more.

World class treatment in the hands of medicals expertise, with excellent infrastructure and English speaking staff are the corner stone of this conception. Psychiatry and convalescent care also has been offered to patients.

Those who are worried about the quality of care in medical tourism can go to U.S.-based Joint Commission International, among other companies, which inspects and accredits health care facilities outside of U.S. Borders. Patients who can afford would opt for this.

Albeit, ‘Medical Tourism’ term is new but the services offered are age old ones! Statistics says that in 2007, 750,000 Americans sought medical treatment abroad which was available at less cost compared to USA and UK. In the forth coming years the number may be doubled.

Medical Tourism is increasingly becoming popular because it offers a lot of services. Cost, effectiveness, and the ability to combine travel to exotic locals with high-quality medical treatment are the catchiest features. It is a boon for those who live little below the health care line. It is a general observation that people from the U.S., Great Britain, and Canada generally have good wealth. So this triggers them to think and maintain their health for a long time. They flock to Eastern countries in most of the cases. Thailand has been the hub of medical tourism. USA and UK citizens, being more health conscious, seek options, be it on the surgery table or the psychiatrist's chair.

The main reason to choose medical tourism is the cost. Even those with insurance may opt to travel for medical care, especially when the entire cost of the trip, including treatment, can be accomplished for far less than the cost of an insurance deductible

Now let us take a look at Cha –Am Hospital offering services of medical tourism patients. It is located on Khlong Thian road. Go straight, pass the junction and you will find the hospital on the right side of the road.

Cha-Am hospital is not giant hospital as the place also is very small. But the treatment for smaller diseases is the best. A group of excellent doctors, competitive treatment and affordable cost make ‘medical tourism’ a smash hit plan. May be this one is smaller but there are many fully equipped hospitals in Bangkok. Bangkok has been the hub for medical tourism.

Affordable price, world class infrastructure and medical team, English speaking staff, good ambiance are the features of medical tourism in Thailand, Bangkok.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Myths are Revealed Medically in Thailand for Retaining Beauty

Do you love to look more beautiful then you are now? Don’t to the laugh at my question but the fact is you can! But this time with medical technology on your side! Doctors can enhance your beauty the way you like. Beauty is no more a secret. Isn’t it wonderful? In face the secret of beauty is in the hands of medical expertise.

Yanhee has made name and fame in this field. It has reached every nook and corner of the world every sane person would love to be presentable till the last minute of his or her life. Thailand has become a hub of Medical Tourism also. It means patients need not bother about staying, insurance, food anything, hospitals and other agencies are clubbed to resolve these problems to offer the best services to International Patients.

 Thanks to medical science and skills .Especially Bangkok hospitals are well known for such treatments. Medical science has successfully conquered this field also. As such the days Marilyn Manroe are returned. May be in those only Hollywood stars could afford, but now any common person can go for this! That is the change time has brought us.120 Medical expertise are there in this hospital.

Yanhee offers amazing packages especially for the outsiders. The treatment, medical staff, food and infrastructure, and lastly highly talented surgeons are the backbone of this hospital. The infrastructure is no less than a five star hotel. The luxurious facilities are offered generously for patients.

Yanhee has a giant building of ten floors maintained exuberantly. Spotless cleanliness reminds you of God, as ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ It can accommodate 400 patients, and 2000 cases registered as out patient medical services. Other than this there are different types of health care services and the expertise of plastic surgery services.

Medical group

Medical team of Yanhee is simply matchless. It has 120 full time and 120 half time doctors to attend on patients.1,000 nurses looking after patients very kindly and professionally. This hospital has the latest medical equipments available. More than sufficient Operation Theatres, 18 bed ICU care units are operating throughout the clock. Dialysis centers, dental centers, nurseries, emergency rooms, diagnostic laboratories, there Measuring the quality of compliance with international safety standards. Management of Yanhee hospital can challenge to any one. 

90 plus countries have access to this hospital around the world. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system certification, in order to ensure the standard it has maintained. Weight loss, Plastic surgery and skin centers are also there. You believe utterly when you stumble upon the cleanliness of Yanhee that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

Thailand has been the hub for medical treatments since ages. But recently they have given the corporate treatment also for this sector. Right from your landing till your safe take off to your country everything has been taken care of by this ‘medical Tourism’ industry. Patient are made stress free before the treatment. When treatment can be done at an affordable price then why not to rush?
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Saikirin-Offers Soothing Health Solution in Thailand!

Saikarin is another hospital as destination for medical tourism. Medical tourism is the most sought after way of the westerners. Competitive price really give a sigh of relief. Otherwise, sky high medical expenses in USA or UK has become really a pain in the neck.Medical Tourism in Thailand is in the boom. Patients are always flocking to Bangkok because to get the world class treatment, good food, excellent ambiance, personal attention for the patients. Many of the hospitals have made arrangements with insurance companies even hence patients ar stress free regarding this!
After the recovery Medical Tourism Of Thailand has prepared a plan to take those patients around Thailand. This is entirely depending on the condition of that patient. Established in 1993, Saikarin has 245 beds with 24/7 service facility. Sikarin Hospital has been awarded Hospital Accreditation HA from the HQIA of the Ministry of Public Health as well as international certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14000, GMP and HACCP. Sikarin Hospital is owned and operated by Sikarin Public Company limited a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (ticker symbol: SKR)
The hospital has following specialties
•    Sikarin’s Emergency & Trauma Center
•    Health Check up Center
•    Internal Medicine Clinic
•    Orthopedics Clinic
•    Surgery Clinic
•    Obstetries/Gynecology Clinic
•    Pediatrics Clinic
•    Dental Clinic
•    Eye Clinic
•    Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Clinic
•    Sikarin Aesthetic Center
•    Dialysis Clinic
•    Physio Therapy Clinic
•    Hydrotherapy Clinic
World class treatment at an affordable price, good food, perfect ambiance, English speaking staff, and above all highly skilled Doctors are guaranteed here!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phuket International Hospital For International Patients!

Medical tourism in Thailand is catching up.A good team of expertise,skillful surgeons,english speaking staff,and health care treatment in the expert hands have made Thailand medical tourism a destination.Treatment is half compared to USA and UK.

As such Phuket is tailor perfect places for medical tourism .Patients come here, get treated and have a tour in Phuket before their departure. It is the destination for medical health care treatment. This hospital has heart diseases, neurosurgery, and extensive trauma care, hyperbaric medicine for diving emergencies, pediatrics, obstetrics, plastic surgery, Lasik, dialysis and dental services, as well as many other specialty services

World class treatment, personal attention, excellent infrastructure and above all English speaking staff. Hence, no difficulty in communication. In this hospital 24-hour medical services are available.

International service department offers, coordination services international insurance agencies, and embassies. to ensure smooth hospitalization and treatment.Fabulous arrangements are done to take care of international clients. Patients will be cured with a perfect treatment, this hospital has brought smile on patient’s face when they leave!
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Medical Tourism Guide for Health Care