Thursday, April 29, 2010

Medical Tourism

Apollo Hospital - India
Whenever we think of corporate hospitals Apollo Hospital looms large in our mind.A perfect tailormade corporate hospital.This hospital is the blend of professionalism,world class treatment and hospitality.World class service is avilable at a reasonable cost.Apllo hospital is a well known chain of hospitals in India and abroad.
Apollo hospital in Delhi has been sprawled over 12 acres land,accrediting as Joint Commission InternationalUSA.Apollo is the only Indian hospital to get such accredition.The hosital has a magnificent capacity.It treats 2 lakh patients with medical procedure every year. In this nearly 10,000 patients are foreigners.This hospital has got 14 operation theatres.
Next ranks Chennai
Apollo hospital in Chennai was founded in1983 and also got a label os first corporate hospital. This hopital got a certification as 'Center of Excellence'by the government of India.This is also the first hospitalto receive the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certifications.Approximately this has got 1000 beds and an excellent history creating mane medical mile stones to its credit.The best medical brains are available here.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

What is Emotional Intelligence?

As the person ages his wisdom also is risen.When that matures person speaks with conviction we all love to hear.That is what emotional intelligence.I read once Iq could be 49%but emotinal intelligence should be 51 %This is the perfect blend of a manager!
1.The emotional intelligence of increases as we age . This we can think a ripe age.person at this point has understood a lot,seen a lot,and learnt a lot.

2. Emotional maturity tends to be the after an age of 40.Till then a person is bouyant about everything.Whoever he may be this maturity will come automatically in him.

3. There is a significant difference in the perception of emotional intelligence with respect to male and female.Though we say men and women are equal,women are proved to be stronger than men in emotional intelligence based on empathy and self regulation.

4. Emotional Sensitivity increases as age increases and vice versa. This may be due to the reason that age progression increases experience with life and henceforth increases interpretation of human expression and responding to them with sensitivity and empathy
But as I have observed the younger generation is well aware if this and is trying ti catch it!One good news about EQ is we can keep on improving in this in our life.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

30-40 health care

30-40 period is the most critical yet enjoyable.But at this stage of life you are at the peak of responsibilities of life. Work pressure,money,starting a family,commitments etc are eating you up.
This could be in return a marvellously rewarding time of life, especially if these additional pressures are well managed.

It is also a time of life to make the foundations of health stronger. We can make positive or negative impacts on our health all throughout our lifetime, but in our thirties, we should be more sensitive to health issues, and the impact that diet and lifestyle can make on our long and short-term health. This could be called the make or break time for looking at overall health and lifestyle issues. For example, if a person gives up smoking by the age of thirty-five, their life expectancy will not differ much from that of a non-smoker. So give the evil habits as soon as possible.

The major health issues in this decade seem fertility and hormonal health, pregnancy and breastfeeding, stress management, maintaining energy, and looking at strategies to improve health and fitness.Obesity has still been an unconquered battle!
We need to take of these things particularly:

Maintenance or improvement of bone density
Improved cardiovascular health
Increased vitality and quality of life
Improved weight management
Increased balance and flexibility
Better sleep
Decreased levels of anxiety and depression
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Friday, April 16, 2010

20-30 years

Health is wealth, this sounds good. I have seen people who neglect their health in pursuit of more money, and it’s possible for a person to burn his body out in preparation of retirement. Killing themselves for 50 years so the last 20 will be lived in comfort or better! If you don’t have your health, there won’t be much else even if you do have plenty of money.
Adopt a debt free life style.This period in everybody's life is very crucial.You need to be hard working,earning quite well.But at any cost don't neglect your health. Eat good and healthy food,work out to burn the calories and be fit to work.This is golden period,don't let it go waste.
Earn and spend whatever you can! Don't get carried away by others.Have your own stand.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health care for teens

Teenagers are assets of family and Nation as they engine the health wealth and knowledge as well.Make a rule that your teenager meets Doctor every six months regularly.This becomes easy for your doctor to see the physical changes and mental changes.Teens may get advised by doctors right at the time against unhealthy ways of life,like smoking,drinking,drugs etc.'Doctors can strike well when the iron is hot.'

The doctor could very well help your child understand and choose a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, regular exercise, and safety measures. Most of the teens understand their physical growth and sexual development.It is better if they understand well about their physique.

High blood pressure, obesity, eating disorders, and, if indicated, hyper lipidemia (an excess of cholesterol and/or other fats in the blood) of teenagers should be checked at the doctors' dispensary. A tuberculin test also is better if done.

Your teens dental care is very important.If he or she is going to doctor for regular check up then tooth decay, abnormal tooth development,dental injuries, and other problems can be attended at the right time.Good and healthy habits are the basic things teens have to follow.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simplicity fetching great result

My friend always argues with me on'Is simplcity a virtue?'My answer is 'It is not sin either!'But regularity in simple food habits can make wonders.Today's sedentric style of life has ruined the real health.We have forgotten long river side walks,fresh air,unadulterated food!Formula of good health is simple yet it has become diifficult to achieve it!We need to taste all sort of foods.Equally work out also without fail.Simple food,walk and lot of water can bring great results.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hair plant

Don't you think hair plant can restore your lost glory? Recently I attended one children party.There a magician asked children 'to bring in front of him a person who has less hair on head!'Wasn't it obnoxious? People around were laughing but I was flabbergasted.How can you derive pleasure out of somebody's looks? So I thought of writing this post. Nowadays the advancement of medical science has been unimaginable.It can spell charm and wonders on you matchless.But you should go to the best Doctor and meet the patients who got it done already!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dental implant

Today is World Health Day! I wish all of you good health and keep smiling. Oh…I remember when I wrote smile… have you heard about dental implants? It is an artificial tooth root is placed into your jaw to take the place of an original tooth. This is an ideal option, for them who have lost teeth by some or the other reasons. Being High Tech in nature, the whole process is inclined to save tooth. This treatment is better than the traditional one. The look of these teeth is dreadfully natural! Dental implants are teeth that can look and feel like your very own. Best wishes for those who are going for this!
Smile without any hesitation!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Health care

Health is god's gift to us. We need to take care of it with utmost love!I feel there are many factors affecting health. Finance,society,peer pressure,stress all these act as evil to maintain our health. But God has given us beautiful mind also.Let us use it care fully to come out of all these evils.If we want we can make it! De stressing is in our hand.Go for a long walk, your mind will be fresh and you are energized to take up more work!
If you can make it just snatch 30 minutes from your busy schedule and go for a walk.It does wonder on your mind. Firstly I did not believe this. But now I my self have started and seeing the results also.So am recommending to you all.Bye Cheers!
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

What is medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism has become the buzz word now. US president has signed the health care bill.There may be many loop holes.Many patients flock to Asian countries for the medical procedures.Reason is simple Cost cutting!They get the best world class medical care,humble hospitality clubbed with the flavor of their culture!In this scenario, Three fraternity have to come closer I believe.Medical,travel and media, If these come together then what not they can do?
Doctors.... please wake up and plan magnificently.This is a business opportunity laced with your profession. But remember opportunity never knocks twice! So grab it! Show case your skill and talent to the world!
If not you some other will have the cream. Anyway this is going to come.India is avant garde in this.But few other Asian countries are giving a stiff competition to India.
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Medical Tourism Guide for Health Care