Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is hip joint?

The hip joint is a ball consisting of two bones and they are the head of the femur and the socket. Our body is such a wonderful machine created with extraordinary craftsmanship. These bones have head at the joint having cavity inside. This is very useful while walking and all other activities. Hip is the second largest weight bearing joint. Ball and socket join the leg and the pelvis. Our ligaments connecting ball to the socket offer excellent stability for the joint. The hip joint is usually very strong to hold the body’s weight and movement. All these bones and ligament help in the mechanism of hip joint. In this scenario, if hip joint is damaged then it has to be replaced with medical surgery.

Well advanced medical surgeries are done to replace the hip joint. Patients who are super rich can afford the operation in USA and UK. Others can flock to the eastern countries for the treatment. When the patient is young it is healed quickly, but the older ones bones being brittle, if fractured then it is difficult to manage without the operation. One more worry always eats up the patient’s head is the expense. If it bearable then the patient will go ahead happily. If it is unaffordable then these have to look for the alternate which is equally good.

Patients can go to AIIMS for the hip replacement. Medical faculty, good infrastructure with latest medical equipment and English speaking staff make it easy and convenient for the needy ones. Here the treatment is given with harmony and medical efficiency. Moreover it is affordable here. Onlookers can never ever imagine the pain; the patient only knows what it is! These surgeons bring back the lost smile on faces of patients. What a noble profession! I bow my head with utter respect!

By Geeta Rao

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hip replacement-A medical miracle!

A salute to medical advancement for bringing smile back on patients lips. Elderly persons when have a fall causing this hip replacement need not worry too much. As we know any type of surgery is quite painful. But the only solace is there is medical solution for most of the fractures. It is the most common thing especially among the elderly gentry to have a fall and go for the hip replacement operation. The renewed energy you gain by this operation is tremendously hi-tech and stable. Every one in ten has this hip replacement operation nowadays. This hip replacement has proved an extraordinary medical alternate. It brings back your usual walking and other activities. Doctors are the final word in such cases. If they recommend surgery then, exercise, medicines and physical therapy won’t help you.

Hip replacement has become common news in modern society. Every year 300,000 hip replacement operations are being done in USA. Surgeon, using his wonderful medical skill, removes damaged part and replaces them with prosthetics. This definitely ensures painless mobility. Hip replacement surgery has a very high rate of success bringing those patients their life back. The patients could be informed about the mechanics of the hip joint and the available options.

Nowadays hip replacement could be done with less pain.But the pleasure of this replacement is you get back those movements.When you can't afford the medical expense then you can turn to eastern countries for the same.Excellent medical talent,skilled surgeons,no language barrier,good infrastructure all you get at very affordableprice.When health is priority,money takes backseat!

By Geeta Rao
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