Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health care for teens

Teenagers are assets of family and Nation as they engine the health wealth and knowledge as well.Make a rule that your teenager meets Doctor every six months regularly.This becomes easy for your doctor to see the physical changes and mental changes.Teens may get advised by doctors right at the time against unhealthy ways of life,like smoking,drinking,drugs etc.'Doctors can strike well when the iron is hot.'

The doctor could very well help your child understand and choose a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, regular exercise, and safety measures. Most of the teens understand their physical growth and sexual development.It is better if they understand well about their physique.

High blood pressure, obesity, eating disorders, and, if indicated, hyper lipidemia (an excess of cholesterol and/or other fats in the blood) of teenagers should be checked at the doctors' dispensary. A tuberculin test also is better if done.

Your teens dental care is very important.If he or she is going to doctor for regular check up then tooth decay, abnormal tooth development,dental injuries, and other problems can be attended at the right time.Good and healthy habits are the basic things teens have to follow.

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