Monday, April 19, 2010

What is Emotional Intelligence?

As the person ages his wisdom also is risen.When that matures person speaks with conviction we all love to hear.That is what emotional intelligence.I read once Iq could be 49%but emotinal intelligence should be 51 %This is the perfect blend of a manager!
1.The emotional intelligence of increases as we age . This we can think a ripe age.person at this point has understood a lot,seen a lot,and learnt a lot.

2. Emotional maturity tends to be the after an age of 40.Till then a person is bouyant about everything.Whoever he may be this maturity will come automatically in him.

3. There is a significant difference in the perception of emotional intelligence with respect to male and female.Though we say men and women are equal,women are proved to be stronger than men in emotional intelligence based on empathy and self regulation.

4. Emotional Sensitivity increases as age increases and vice versa. This may be due to the reason that age progression increases experience with life and henceforth increases interpretation of human expression and responding to them with sensitivity and empathy
But as I have observed the younger generation is well aware if this and is trying ti catch it!One good news about EQ is we can keep on improving in this in our life.

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