Monday, May 31, 2010

Singapore's solace to patients!

There are two types of hospitals in Singapore.One private the other is Government.Both the segments work 24 hours to meet the emergency demands. To get admitted in a few documents with him. They are identification letter,Doctor's references, and a guarantee of payment.Government hospitals provide various kind of treatment,depending on your pockets.Foreigners have to pay more than natives of Singapore.The rate of private hospitals are generally higher than the government hospitals.A single bedded ward costs $280 where as two bedded ward costs $220 per day. Four bedded costs only $80 per day.Well reputed private hospitals are Gleneagles,Mount Elezabeth, and Thomson hospitals. And govt hospitals are Kandang Kerbau,National University Hospital,Singapore General Hospital,Changi General hospital,Tan Tock seng and Ang Mo Kio.

Very competent Doctors and the staff are the back bone of this medical tourism.In April 2001, Singapore Doctors separated Nepalese twins Ganga Jamuna successfully.It was 90 hour operation.The Health Sciences Authority is into taking care of international patients. Mnay Singapore hospitals have international departments.These departments take care of patients with appointment with top Doctors, transportation,accommodation and other mundane services. Singapore has expertise in reproductive and fertility issues,limb re attachment and joint replacements.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Soothing Singapore!

Singapore has become the destination for medical treatment for the various reasons.The attraction of Singapore lies in the world class treament,English speaking staff,and excellent infrastructure.Medical,dental,hair all teratment is available here in Singapore.The quality of treatment is so high,no matter what you choose to have done. Singapore has carved a niche in cleanliness,and its ultra high level of health care procedure. English as a communicationg laguage can be compared to the westerners.As a medical treatment destinations,Singapore is at par with India and Thailand.For so many reasons Singapore gives an edge over other countries.Statistics shows that 200000 patients come to have the treatment every year,at the half price compared to US!English as a language of communication has played a wonderful role in attracting patients from west.Because unless they understand,they can not rely on any other person.Great food and eclectic culture are corner stone of Singapore.For Singapore,medical tourism is not a new name or concept.It hs been treating world wide patients since ages!Hip and knee replacements,surgeries,heart ailments all types of ailments are treated here in Singapore.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thundering Thailand!

Thailand is buzzing with medical tourism business.Wolrld class treament in affordable limit is the placard of Thailand.If you need hair implant,dental plant and heart surgeries or any other medical procedure Thailand is one of the best destinations. Thailand is well known for breast cancer treatment.90 years old Dr Sommai has been treating breast cancer patients across the world. If the patient is is 1 or 2nd stage he has cured with herbal treatment costing only $400!

Breast augmentation surgery costs minimum $2600 in US.Thailand medical tourism offers an excellent package.Affordable treatment,sight seeing,good sea food are the attractins of this tourism.ISO certified hospitals and the world clas doctors take care of patients.

Dr Sarovic,Bangkok is a reknowned urologist in medical fraternity. All sorts of plastic surgeries are done at the loa cost.Bangkok offers hi tec h,modern and safe,effective health procedure.

Thailand medical Tourism has some unique features to offer.Now the entire staff speaks bEnglish too fluently,hence there is no language barrier.Thailand could be one of the best options for medical treatment
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Medical procedure at Bangkok

Recently I heard an incident of a car accident,and the victim was uninsured!every one scolded John for not having taken the insurance policy. to make the situation worst,he slipped and had injury in his house.Then he consulted Doctor and came to know that the treatment would cost him about $75000! So the victim turned net friendly and contacted Doctors of Bangkok for medical procedure,in spite of objections by his own doctors. Bumrungrad, a well established hospital in Bangkok welcomed him with open arms.This hospital has fountains and restaurants around.It rather looks like a five start hotel than the hospital.The ambiance is quite lively and healthy.The patient was treated for his injury in just $20000!US trained surgeon only treated him. John is all smiles now! He says 'I don't mind coming again for the medical treatment here'.
As this has viral marketing,India,Thailand,Bangkok,and Singapore have become the targeted destinations for the medical; procedure.American not only go foe tummy tucks and face lift but also major heart surgeries. Bumrungrad has seen 30% rise in its business!This is still a drop in the ocean.There is huge crowd needing medical treatment but lack the economic support.Today or tomorrow they have to turn to Eastern countries where treatment is world class at the low cost. Many US corporations are taking serious note about medical out sourcing!Suppose if patients are clubbed and sent for the treatment ,it would cost even less.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Medical Tourism in Japan

Japan may be ruling the roof in technology but somehow in medical tourism it is moving on a snail’s speed. Hospitals, schools, travel agencies and even the government are on the move to promote and improve the services in health care segment. Gradually Japan is showing the sign of improvement on this move. Patients from USA and other countries are flocking to Japan for medical procedure.Till 2009 Japan used to treat patients in single digit number only. Last year, the number of patients rose up to 22. Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa has made appropriate arrangements for the overseas patients. This center now is well equipped in handling patients answering five to six online enquiries daily .Kameda became the first accredited hospital by Joint Commission International. Recently Four Fillipino nurses are working in Japan. As demand is on the higher side Japan is encouraging nursing as profession. It likes to keep the 13 the floor exclusively for international patients. One more hurdle Japan is facing is language barrier! Not up to the expected level. Hence along with this motto English also has been on the high priority to be learnt. Now they want to learn with vengeance. In April 2009, a travel agency has started attracting rich Chinese offering many things as a package. The agency has fore seen ample business opportunities in medical tourism. It also likes to include sightseeing as a part of it. Fujita Kanko has started such tours from this spring. JTB, the biggest travel agency in Japan, has created a section working only for medical tourism. On the whole Japan is expanding its medical tourism sector rigorously as it sees a huge business in it.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

where do US patinets go for treatment?

Medical tourist has been the center of attraction in the medical business industry.Almost all the countries are ready to quote the lowest,with the best world class treatment.Sometimes it becomes very confusing,where the patients should actually go? They would be going to where they feel free and confident! Americans may prefer low price,excellent treatment,comfortable air travel.

Americans make a survey of the treatment,hospitals from friends,pres,and internet.We can't point out a country of Americans' preference!Some of them even prefer to go where their ancestors were born!

Environmental awareness is taking them into long flights.Few of them go to Canada and Cuba.

Mexico as a center of medical tourism destination
Mexico has been the hot favorite of Americans for the medical treatment.

Panama is also a popular destination, as are Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Not every medical tourist is an American or a national living in the US returning home for treatment. The problem arises when few hospitals differentiate between medical tourists and all other international patients. .

Global happenings have an impact on where Americans go.Some are aware of the reality of life and others may carry on their stories.

India and terrorism, Thailand and political violence, Mexico and flu are the major concerns for anybody to decide thier medical procedure.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thailand a center of attraction for health care

Srinagar, Asharq Al-Awsat- India is becoming one of the destinations for medical tourism for westerners. Philippines, South Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore are the centers for healthcare tour. There is a beeline to get the medical care procedure.

Asian Medical treatment is in the lime light now. US, UK, Europe, and even from Gulf and Japan, patients visit every year. It is going to be one of the best industries for the purpose of business, raising the Asian economy. Statistics says currently US is spending$1.5 billion on health care in the next five years it may jump up to $4 billion .
In US medical procedure needs an average$362 per day but in Asia it is done in just $144 per day.

Thailand ranks highest in medical tourism attracting 1.35 million a year. Excellent medical services and old Thai herbal remedies attract tourists around the world.

The medical education of Thai is based US only. Thai hospitals meet standard of sea world class hospitals. English speaking staff and excellent beaches with exotic sea food is added attraction in the package.

Thai hospitals offer all services like ENT surgery, dental implant, surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast surgery in major cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Medical Tourism

Ahmedabad:Ahmedabad is a city that attracted the whole world becuse of Ganghi.It is on the western side of India.Multi cutural and fun loving city.Here Apollo hospital has 400 bed hospital.But 10,000 patients visit this hospital every year.It is seen as the largest corporate hospital of Gujarat.It also has specialized clinics as well as centres of excellence

Bangalore :Bangalore needs no introduction since it has carved a niche in the inetrnational market.A silicon valley of India.A beautiful city in the southern part of India.Little crowded but lovely city.Apollo hospital offers world class treatment for patients.One more interesting thing is more than 100 consultants are at patient's service round the clock.They have equally efficient nursing team also.

ENT, Orthopedics, Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Plastic surgery and Oncology are the specialty of Apollo hospital Bangalore.

Goa: Goa has been the destination for tourists since long.Becutiful beach is the main attraction of this place.Apollo hospital of Goa is the only super specialty hospital in Goa.The hospital is well equipped with latest medical equipments.The doctors and surgeons are world reknowned.Cordial treatment of nursing staff makes
patient get cured very speedily.Patient feels at home.

Apollo hospital is offering worls class treatment at an affordable price.A perfect tailormade plan for foreign patients.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Medical Tourism-India

I would love to write Apollo hospitals of India.Because India has been the strongest destination for the foreigners.
Kolkata: Kokata, a beautiful city is on the east of India.Kolkata is well known for intellectuals.It is the hub of arts and literature.In this city Apollo hospital has been built over8.5 acres having 325 beds.This hospital is run by The Apollo Group and the Parkway Group of Singapore in collaboration.This wonderful hospital has 7 super speciality operation theatres along with many centres of exellence.

Hyderabad:Hyderabad is in the south of India.This is also good place having retained its own culture.Sight seeing,pearls,and spicy food are the attraction of Hyderabad.Apollo hospital has been built over 35 acres in Jubilee Hills.A giant hospital calmly invites patients and treats them.550 beds are there in this hospital. It ranks first in India to provide the diagnostic facilities of a PET CT Scanner. It has international level of treatment hence it has been recognized as an international hospital.Foreigners might have their treatment and then they might even go for sight seeing.It depends on the density of the treatment!Apollo gives you the best treatment!
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Medical Tourism Guide for Health Care