Monday, March 28, 2011

Medical Miracle-Knee Replacement

Somewhere I read ‘Even the person who is on the deathbed would not like to die.’ How true it is! Life is so precious. Every person likes to stand on his own feet, walk by himself without any pain. Here medical science plays miracle. Nowadays knee replacement surgery has become the most common phenomena.

As we age our joints demand strong medical attentions. Knee replacement is one of them, very much in demand. Knee will be replaced by a synthetic implant reducing the severe pain. Different implant designs are available, but the Drs will decide which one the patient needs the most. Each one of them offers stable movement after the implant.

Main benefits of these implants are 1) no pain 2) improved and stable movement. This has been a medical gift for the better life of human beings. And the whole process has high rate of success. Firstly you need to make up your mind believing in medical science Knee replacement will surely bring back your lost smile on the face! The knee joint basically consists of three bones, the femur, the tibia, and the patella. All these are equally important for the movement.

Degeneration of the joint can occur as a result of trauma or from wear and tear over time. Whatever the cause of the degeneration, it ultimately means that the patient’s knee will wear down to the point that it causes substantial pain and limits meaningful motion.

This joint is worn out over the time gradually. Whatever may be the reason the patient will have unbearable pain at the knee joint. Flat metal plate and stem will be implanted in the tibial bone while replacing the lower part of the knee joint.

Sometimes patients may need specialized implant because of their knee size. Such knees are made to order and fixed by surgeons. Customization is most welcome here.

Knee replacement could be done with cement or without cement. It entirely depends on the patient and the surgeon. Mostly they are done with cement. After this, the patient gets back all his movements.

If a patient has pain in only one knee then there is a medical process called partial knee surfacing. Surgeons target the damaged portion and isolate it. They also resurface without damaging healthy tissues or bone. Here sometimes surgeons need the help of robotics.

As medical science has advanced so much, Orthopedic surgeons prefer computer based robotic surgery to reach more than excellencies and accuracy!3-D surely gives greater visibility. Isn’t it wonderful synthesis of medicine and technology?

Categories of Knee Replacement

There are four basic types of knee replacement categories:

- Non-constrained

- Semi-constrained

- Constrained or hinged

- Unicondylar

This knee replacement process may take at least two hours. You may require 15 days in the hospital. Post operation care is much concerned fact

Medical Tourism

Many patients need immediate treatment for their knees throughout the world. But expenses become a big question mark. They have to cross this hurdle. Or they can easily opt for India, Bankok, Malaysia and many other eastern countries. Patients get excellent treatment, no language barrier, and post operational care in a very cordial way. Usually such knee replacement will last for fifteen to twenty years.


Geeta Rao

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