Sunday, April 18, 2010

30-40 health care

30-40 period is the most critical yet enjoyable.But at this stage of life you are at the peak of responsibilities of life. Work pressure,money,starting a family,commitments etc are eating you up.
This could be in return a marvellously rewarding time of life, especially if these additional pressures are well managed.

It is also a time of life to make the foundations of health stronger. We can make positive or negative impacts on our health all throughout our lifetime, but in our thirties, we should be more sensitive to health issues, and the impact that diet and lifestyle can make on our long and short-term health. This could be called the make or break time for looking at overall health and lifestyle issues. For example, if a person gives up smoking by the age of thirty-five, their life expectancy will not differ much from that of a non-smoker. So give the evil habits as soon as possible.

The major health issues in this decade seem fertility and hormonal health, pregnancy and breastfeeding, stress management, maintaining energy, and looking at strategies to improve health and fitness.Obesity has still been an unconquered battle!
We need to take of these things particularly:

Maintenance or improvement of bone density
Improved cardiovascular health
Increased vitality and quality of life
Improved weight management
Increased balance and flexibility
Better sleep
Decreased levels of anxiety and depression

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