Sunday, October 10, 2010

Myths are Revealed Medically in Thailand for Retaining Beauty

Do you love to look more beautiful then you are now? Don’t to the laugh at my question but the fact is you can! But this time with medical technology on your side! Doctors can enhance your beauty the way you like. Beauty is no more a secret. Isn’t it wonderful? In face the secret of beauty is in the hands of medical expertise.

Yanhee has made name and fame in this field. It has reached every nook and corner of the world every sane person would love to be presentable till the last minute of his or her life. Thailand has become a hub of Medical Tourism also. It means patients need not bother about staying, insurance, food anything, hospitals and other agencies are clubbed to resolve these problems to offer the best services to International Patients.

 Thanks to medical science and skills .Especially Bangkok hospitals are well known for such treatments. Medical science has successfully conquered this field also. As such the days Marilyn Manroe are returned. May be in those only Hollywood stars could afford, but now any common person can go for this! That is the change time has brought us.120 Medical expertise are there in this hospital.

Yanhee offers amazing packages especially for the outsiders. The treatment, medical staff, food and infrastructure, and lastly highly talented surgeons are the backbone of this hospital. The infrastructure is no less than a five star hotel. The luxurious facilities are offered generously for patients.

Yanhee has a giant building of ten floors maintained exuberantly. Spotless cleanliness reminds you of God, as ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ It can accommodate 400 patients, and 2000 cases registered as out patient medical services. Other than this there are different types of health care services and the expertise of plastic surgery services.

Medical group

Medical team of Yanhee is simply matchless. It has 120 full time and 120 half time doctors to attend on patients.1,000 nurses looking after patients very kindly and professionally. This hospital has the latest medical equipments available. More than sufficient Operation Theatres, 18 bed ICU care units are operating throughout the clock. Dialysis centers, dental centers, nurseries, emergency rooms, diagnostic laboratories, there Measuring the quality of compliance with international safety standards. Management of Yanhee hospital can challenge to any one. 

90 plus countries have access to this hospital around the world. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system certification, in order to ensure the standard it has maintained. Weight loss, Plastic surgery and skin centers are also there. You believe utterly when you stumble upon the cleanliness of Yanhee that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’

Thailand has been the hub for medical treatments since ages. But recently they have given the corporate treatment also for this sector. Right from your landing till your safe take off to your country everything has been taken care of by this ‘medical Tourism’ industry. Patient are made stress free before the treatment. When treatment can be done at an affordable price then why not to rush?

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