Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Booming Medical Tourism in Thailand, Bangkok!

Medical Tourism is comprised of terminology like medical travel, global health care, and health tourism. But they all mean the same! It refers to travel for health. Medical Tourism is increasingly becoming very famous as the number of patients is also increasing.

‘Health is wealth’ each one of us would like to be healthy and active as long as we live. But if we happen to serious diseases, then treatment is the only way out to opt for. The process of patients, flocking from another country or region or place is called ‘Medical Tourism.’ The services offer services in a medical tourism are plenty and could include heart surgery, join replacement surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental surgery and many more.

World class treatment in the hands of medicals expertise, with excellent infrastructure and English speaking staff are the corner stone of this conception. Psychiatry and convalescent care also has been offered to patients.

Those who are worried about the quality of care in medical tourism can go to U.S.-based Joint Commission International, among other companies, which inspects and accredits health care facilities outside of U.S. Borders. Patients who can afford would opt for this.

Albeit, ‘Medical Tourism’ term is new but the services offered are age old ones! Statistics says that in 2007, 750,000 Americans sought medical treatment abroad which was available at less cost compared to USA and UK. In the forth coming years the number may be doubled.

Medical Tourism is increasingly becoming popular because it offers a lot of services. Cost, effectiveness, and the ability to combine travel to exotic locals with high-quality medical treatment are the catchiest features. It is a boon for those who live little below the health care line. It is a general observation that people from the U.S., Great Britain, and Canada generally have good wealth. So this triggers them to think and maintain their health for a long time. They flock to Eastern countries in most of the cases. Thailand has been the hub of medical tourism. USA and UK citizens, being more health conscious, seek options, be it on the surgery table or the psychiatrist's chair.

The main reason to choose medical tourism is the cost. Even those with insurance may opt to travel for medical care, especially when the entire cost of the trip, including treatment, can be accomplished for far less than the cost of an insurance deductible

Now let us take a look at Cha –Am Hospital offering services of medical tourism patients. It is located on Khlong Thian road. Go straight, pass the junction and you will find the hospital on the right side of the road.

Cha-Am hospital is not giant hospital as the place also is very small. But the treatment for smaller diseases is the best. A group of excellent doctors, competitive treatment and affordable cost make ‘medical tourism’ a smash hit plan. May be this one is smaller but there are many fully equipped hospitals in Bangkok. Bangkok has been the hub for medical tourism.

Affordable price, world class infrastructure and medical team, English speaking staff, good ambiance are the features of medical tourism in Thailand, Bangkok.

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