Thursday, October 14, 2010

Matchless Medical Tourism in Thailand – Booming Rapidly

Medical expenses in the United States have reached sky high. is the perfect word to describe the culture of traveling outside one’s own country, seeking Medical Tourism health care treatment for less expense. Thailand proves to be the hottest destination for this medical Tourism! Because, patients flock to Thailand in search of medical treatment and after the treatment they go home with a big smile on their face. This smile has been brought on their face by Thailand Doctors. Gradual increase in the number of patients has given a bit of business outlook for Thailand this time.  Medical Tourism in Thailand has earned 37 billion baht in 2006. 
Medical Tourists flocking to Thailand find a wide range of treatments available in the health care industry. Every treatment is available right from cosmetic surgery, dental work and orthopedic treatments to organ transplants and cardiac surgeries. Spa and physical therapy are also there. The cost is unimaginably low compared to USA and UK. A coronary bypass surgery can cost as high $100,000 (USD) in the United States, where as it costs only $12,000 (USD) in a Thailand hospital. Then why not to choose Thailand? The whole medical tourism is working on this question only! Patients get the same world class treatment in the hands of highly skilled doctors, English speaking staff, good ambiance, and personal attention by the trained nurses make ‘medical Tourism an excellent tour for any patient.
Thailand is not meant for only westerners, but it also treats wealthy Asians! Bangkok Hospitals have different sections like Japanese etc. 22 sections are there. Since the staff is trained highly in English, there is no language barrier. Thailand is beaming with world class and highly trained doctors. Many of these doctors are having US and UK degrees. Thai health care ranks very high in the US consular information. There are many travel agencies mushroomed, offering medical tourism packages. These packages include hotel, transport pick up and drop from the airport etc. Sometimes they may include even day trips, guided tours, spa treatments and nighttime entertainment.
Let us take a look at McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This hospital has been founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1889. McCormick Hospital, has gained the name and fame as an excellent medical service center especially for the poor. It is sort of a community service center. This hospital has 350 beds, and 19000 patients treated per year. Well trained nurses are quite capable of handling foreign patients.
Dr.Adul Warin, is the Director of this hospital. The treatment imparted here in this hospital is just matchless. Currently, McCormick Hospital has received ISO 9001:2000 certification and ISO 15189 for laboratory department. Medical treatment with a sense of service to the mankind is the motto of this hospital. According to statistics, McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, treats 400,000 out patients and 20,000 in patients yearly. The slogan of the hospital is ‘To share the love of Jesus Christ, Our Lord.’ This hospital has every facility for treating any disease without any hesitation!


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