Thursday, October 28, 2010

: Medical Tourism –Buzz word of medical industry!

All over the world patients are looking for the lowest health care expenses. Thailand hits the dart in this race! It is running ahead than the rest of the Asian countries in ‘Medical Tourism.’ Private hospitals in the west are just unaffordable. Hence these patients turn to Thailand for the health care treatment.  Even simple dental treatment cost them an arm. Wiser ones don’t want to drain their pockets! Many have found out that Thailand is the best place for health care treatment. ‘Medical Tourism’ has been the new buzz word in this industry.

Perhaps Thai medical profession is the most advanced as well as well known in the region. Three fraternities have joined their hands in this effort to make the ‘medical Tourism’ successful. One is medical group, travel agencies and the third one is insurance agencies. Thailand medical tourism has chalked out a plan very methodically. Good infrastructure, medical expertise, English speaking staff and the most attentive nursing staff make this medical tourism a hit!  Thailand’s all hospitals are having the latest medical equipments. Thailand government has invested huge money in this sector. The government has seen the high potentiality in this sector. Now Thailand is bursting with the best medical doctors, perfect infrastructure, medical equipments, and professional nursing staff. Most of them have received ISO 9001 standardization certificates.

Only surgery is not the treatment here, there are equally competent paths to treat patients. A variety of cosmetic surgery options are available, as is cosmetic dentistry (laser teeth whitening, etc.) and laser sight correction (LASIK, etc.).  Khon Kaen is the hub of commercial and political aspects of north-eastern Thailand. This region is highly regarded as the superior quality silk and materials it produces and it is an extremely important area from a historical perspective. Khon Kaen is a place to a number of civilizations and centre of archaeological digs which have unearthed innumerable treasures from past but now stored or on display at Khon Kaen’s museums. The highest number of dinosaur fossils found in Thailand in this area.

This hospital has 200 beds and in the operation since 1995. It has been offering health services like open heart surgery, and other treatment. The hospital is related to Khon Kaen medical school and is an active training hospital for doctors. The treatment of patients is the uttermost duty of all. This motto has been carried on by each and every body in the hospital.

Visiting Thailand for healthcare treatment is the best decision one can take. If you are a sea food lover then no other place is better than this in the world! The economy of Thailand has become robust through this medical tourism. The treatment Thailand offers is just unmatched with the rest of the world. Everything is coordinated so nicely that it has to click surely!

  Author-Geeta Rao


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