Thursday, December 30, 2010

Medical Tourism in India Too!

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) India has carved a niche on the international platform.  It has created awareness of health and treating medically unrelenting. It’s research, treatment, and education is well known in the medical world. World famous faculty enhances take AIIMS to nook and corner of the world.  Maintaining high standard of the treatment and education, AIIMS has been a major contributor in medical health.
There are 25 clinical departments in AIIMS, having four super specialty centers. These centers manage all types of diseases and their treatments.  AIIMS is equipped with pre and Para clinical departments also.  AIIMS also maintains a 60 bedded small hospital as a part of rural health in Haryana treating 2.5 lakh patients. Having located in Delhi, it has all benefits of metro city.
Affordable and world class treatment compared to the western countries, infra structure, latest medical equipments, and above all the world class faculty are the assets of AIIMS. Let me start with eye treatment imparted here in AIIMS. This Giant hospital has a separate wing for eye treatment. Eye care services, surgeries, treatments are offered here. The most efficient team of faculty upholds the name of AIIMS across the world. It will be an excellent medical tour for the patients coming from western countries.
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By Geeta Rao


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