Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Health Spas and Massage - Health Tourism

The mechanical life of today has left us helter skelter! The race against the time is very sharp, now or never! In this speed the most neglected part is food and physique. We sometimes are forced to give less importance for our food and body. Hence these areas suffer a lot after sometime! The modern theory is to maintain health physically and mentally. That is where  SPA comes to our help.

Body massage is not only a beauty treatment but also a necessary tip of glowing health! We hear, see and look at those witnesses. Rome, India and Japan have different techniques in body massage. As time passed on many advanced techniques have been introduced. Nowadays everyone wants to keep fit and look younger. People are becoming tremendously aware of working out to keep themselves as fit as fiddle. Now these spa salons cater to the demands of customers. This also is a part of Health Tourism.

Many tourists come to Bangkok for the sightseeing, but sometimes happen to go to these spa salons. These get here wonderful Spa treatment which forces them to come again and again. Massage is a quick remedy for the stress. It relieves all the stress and mental burden. Today it has become the status symbol also to go to a SPA salon. The upper strata of the society always go for SPA treatment. Though it is bit expensive it is most useful in the long run. And the effect is seen and felt.

Massage means manipulating the body’s soft tissues. Skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, is mainly focused in this SPA massage. Few massage therapies include lymph vessels along with other organs of the body. The motto of SPA massage is to offer maximum relaxation for the clients. The goal is to promote healing, support wellness, relieve stress, and clear the clutter of mind. The massage practitioner uses his/her hands, feet, fingers, elbows, forearms, or massage aids in the massage treatment.

Scented oil is used sometimes while heated stones are now used in one of today’s popular massages. Depending on the type of massage, clients are clothed or unclothed. Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage are the types of massage well known in the western society. Ayurvedic is an Asian way of massage. Thai, Shiatsu and reflexology are also available in SPA salon. There are many types of massage having techniques, incorporate stretches, or target specific trigger points.

Medical massage is used in breast cancer, sinus relief, and reducing blood pressure. Other types of medical massage are there to relieve pain. Massage therapists and practitioners are recognized by a governing agency of the country where they practice. Because there is no single entity regulating massage, it is best to ask your practitioner about their qualifications and training, or ask to see a license or certificate verifying their compliance with local regulations.
Countries with Health Spas: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA.SPA treatment is a boon in modern days! Bangkok has the lion’s share in SPA business.  Another reasonable reason   for tourists to come over here in Bangkok!

Author: Geeta Rao


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