Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hip replacement-A medical miracle!

A salute to medical advancement for bringing smile back on patients lips. Elderly persons when have a fall causing this hip replacement need not worry too much. As we know any type of surgery is quite painful. But the only solace is there is medical solution for most of the fractures. It is the most common thing especially among the elderly gentry to have a fall and go for the hip replacement operation. The renewed energy you gain by this operation is tremendously hi-tech and stable. Every one in ten has this hip replacement operation nowadays. This hip replacement has proved an extraordinary medical alternate. It brings back your usual walking and other activities. Doctors are the final word in such cases. If they recommend surgery then, exercise, medicines and physical therapy won’t help you.

Hip replacement has become common news in modern society. Every year 300,000 hip replacement operations are being done in USA. Surgeon, using his wonderful medical skill, removes damaged part and replaces them with prosthetics. This definitely ensures painless mobility. Hip replacement surgery has a very high rate of success bringing those patients their life back. The patients could be informed about the mechanics of the hip joint and the available options.

Nowadays hip replacement could be done with less pain.But the pleasure of this replacement is you get back those movements.When you can't afford the medical expense then you can turn to eastern countries for the same.Excellent medical talent,skilled surgeons,no language barrier,good infrastructure all you get at very affordableprice.When health is priority,money takes backseat!

By Geeta Rao


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  2. Hip replacement is indeed a medical miracle. I couldn't even imagine it possible myself. Thanks for the information, this is a new knowledge for me.

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  3. Generally, Hip implants such as depuy pinnacle hip replacement surgery is to bring back a person's mobility. However, this case might be true but it also causes people to suffer such as a blood test detected excessively high levels of chromium and cobalt and that metal-on-metal joint replacement was rubbing and sending filings into a patients blood stream and if this pinnacle and metal toxicity left undiagnosed this can lead to a person's death.

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