Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cosmetic Surgery a Charisma of Knife to Beautify You!

This time I would love to share thoughts on plastic or cosmetic surgery. May be in older days people suffered a lot for the lapse of these facilities. Nowadays cosmetic energy will get back your shape size and look! Cosmetic surgery is a beautiful gift from medical field. As such cosmetic surgery is a bit expensive affair. US, UK and other European countries you can afford only if you are a super rich! But for common people this expense may be a burden. For such patients also there is way to get cosmetic surgery. Thailand/Bangkok is the destination for all such treatment. Medical Tourism in Thailand  in the ultimate happening in health industry.

Accidents are accidents! Nobody plans or foresees these accidents. But when you meet with it then you had it! You feel worries from all directions devouring you mercilessly! First plastic surgery comes to your mind. Plastic surgery is the only way to bring your shape and beauty back!

Medical expenses take a giant shape. You will spend the least in the world on healthcare treatment in Bangkok. In return you expect highly qualified treatment from licensed, experienced, good doctors at a large, clean, hygienic hospital or clinic with English speaking staff. Cosmetic surgery always costs more and the cosmetic surgeon are well known for their artistic and creative job clubbed with the latest technology. Their fee for rhinoplasty or SRS will be more.

Thailand cosmetic surgeons whatever high they may charge, but still it is less compared to the western countries. Even if you add the cost of your airfare and accommodations in Thailand, Plastic surgery in Thailand and other types of surgery are high quality and inexpensive. Overseas lap band surgery is great value for money — US$3,000 less than the very best "special offer" discount prices in the USA. The surgeries in Thailand include hospital room, nursing care and meals. A meal is carefully   supervised by dietitians. Excluding any sort of complications. Most of the times these charge are excluding medical prescriptions.

The price of the cosmetic operation is bit high. On top of that it also depends on the prestige, reputation, expertise and experience of the physician for that particular plastic surgery procedure. Top plastic surgeons tend to charge more but sometimes the most experienced also have the most affordable fees.

Hospital Room Fee for procedures with no package price
(room rates INCLUDES food & nursing care cost)

A Superior Room costs US$135/day.
Food and nursing care is included in the room rate. It has air-conditioning, phone, couch, cable TV with news, movies and sports in English, refrigerator, table, and a locker. Phone calls are not included in the price.

A Suite costs US$215/day.
Food and nursing care is included in the room rate and it has everything found in a Superior Room with the addition of a small living room separated from the patient's room by a door which can be left open or closed, it is larger, has separate cable TV in both the patient's room and living room and has a microwave oven. The primary advantage of a Suite is the ability for patient or significant other to have privacy.

St Carlos Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is part of a group of health related outlets covering areas such as medical spas and alternative medicine. The Surgery Clinic specializes in cosmetic surgery. The clinic’s dedicated surgical staff provides specialist treatments such as rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction (mammoplasty) and hair transplant treatments. The clinic utilises a range of technologies including laser to produce world-class results. Accommodation is available for people who need to recuperate after treatment.

St Carlos Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Address: 5/84 Moo 2, Tiwanon Road,   Banklang  Amper Muang  Pathumthani  Bangkok  12000
Tel: 0-2975-6700  Fax: 0-2975-6737

Author:  Geeta Rao


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