Sunday, May 16, 2010

where do US patinets go for treatment?

Medical tourist has been the center of attraction in the medical business industry.Almost all the countries are ready to quote the lowest,with the best world class treatment.Sometimes it becomes very confusing,where the patients should actually go? They would be going to where they feel free and confident! Americans may prefer low price,excellent treatment,comfortable air travel.

Americans make a survey of the treatment,hospitals from friends,pres,and internet.We can't point out a country of Americans' preference!Some of them even prefer to go where their ancestors were born!

Environmental awareness is taking them into long flights.Few of them go to Canada and Cuba.

Mexico as a center of medical tourism destination
Mexico has been the hot favorite of Americans for the medical treatment.

Panama is also a popular destination, as are Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Not every medical tourist is an American or a national living in the US returning home for treatment. The problem arises when few hospitals differentiate between medical tourists and all other international patients. .

Global happenings have an impact on where Americans go.Some are aware of the reality of life and others may carry on their stories.

India and terrorism, Thailand and political violence, Mexico and flu are the major concerns for anybody to decide thier medical procedure.

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