Friday, May 21, 2010

Medical Tourism in Japan

Japan may be ruling the roof in technology but somehow in medical tourism it is moving on a snail’s speed. Hospitals, schools, travel agencies and even the government are on the move to promote and improve the services in health care segment. Gradually Japan is showing the sign of improvement on this move. Patients from USA and other countries are flocking to Japan for medical procedure.Till 2009 Japan used to treat patients in single digit number only. Last year, the number of patients rose up to 22. Kameda Medical Center in Kamogawa has made appropriate arrangements for the overseas patients. This center now is well equipped in handling patients answering five to six online enquiries daily .Kameda became the first accredited hospital by Joint Commission International. Recently Four Fillipino nurses are working in Japan. As demand is on the higher side Japan is encouraging nursing as profession. It likes to keep the 13 the floor exclusively for international patients. One more hurdle Japan is facing is language barrier! Not up to the expected level. Hence along with this motto English also has been on the high priority to be learnt. Now they want to learn with vengeance. In April 2009, a travel agency has started attracting rich Chinese offering many things as a package. The agency has fore seen ample business opportunities in medical tourism. It also likes to include sightseeing as a part of it. Fujita Kanko has started such tours from this spring. JTB, the biggest travel agency in Japan, has created a section working only for medical tourism. On the whole Japan is expanding its medical tourism sector rigorously as it sees a huge business in it.

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