Sunday, May 23, 2010

Medical procedure at Bangkok

Recently I heard an incident of a car accident,and the victim was uninsured!every one scolded John for not having taken the insurance policy. to make the situation worst,he slipped and had injury in his house.Then he consulted Doctor and came to know that the treatment would cost him about $75000! So the victim turned net friendly and contacted Doctors of Bangkok for medical procedure,in spite of objections by his own doctors. Bumrungrad, a well established hospital in Bangkok welcomed him with open arms.This hospital has fountains and restaurants around.It rather looks like a five start hotel than the hospital.The ambiance is quite lively and healthy.The patient was treated for his injury in just $20000!US trained surgeon only treated him. John is all smiles now! He says 'I don't mind coming again for the medical treatment here'.
As this has viral marketing,India,Thailand,Bangkok,and Singapore have become the targeted destinations for the medical; procedure.American not only go foe tummy tucks and face lift but also major heart surgeries. Bumrungrad has seen 30% rise in its business!This is still a drop in the ocean.There is huge crowd needing medical treatment but lack the economic support.Today or tomorrow they have to turn to Eastern countries where treatment is world class at the low cost. Many US corporations are taking serious note about medical out sourcing!Suppose if patients are clubbed and sent for the treatment ,it would cost even less.

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