Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St.Louis Hospital Of Bangkok Welcomes Patients Worldwide!

St Louis Hospital ha been a non profit hospital built by the christian missionaries.It is one of the best medical tourism hospitals of Bangkok.Medical tourism in Thailand is flourishing very high.The staff is highly competent and English speaking.The treatment is world class at the half of expense compared to UK an USA!

Present functions

It is well equipped with modern medical technique including Digital Catheterization Lab, Exercise Stress Test, Mammogram and Bone Densitometry. Inpatient rooms all have air-conditioning. Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit are separated into private rooms. Operation rooms and surgical theaters have ready-made equipment from Germany with disease control sterilization.

Saint Louis Hospital declares its patient centered approach and provides 24 hour service for 500 inpatients and 2000 outpatients per day. It ensures emergency patient transport service by air.

The main divisions of the Hospital are:

    * Heart Institute
    * Dermatology and Skin Laser Center
    * Obstetric Gynecology
    * Nephrology Clinic
    * Health Check Up Center
    * Child Development Department


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