Thursday, September 9, 2010

Manarom-A meaningful treatment,Bangkok

Bangkok has been the most visited place for medical tourism.Manarom,a Bangkok hospital offers mental heath services.Manarom is one of the medical tourism hospitals.
Manarom Hospital is one if the best hospitals of Bnagkok offering excellent services mostly on mental and behavioral health care. As a part of health tourism Thailand,Let's take a look on Manarom hospital and its services.Mental health is the most important thing one should take care of. Manarom. The word “Manarom” is pronounced as ‘ma-na-rhom’ and means “Happy Mind”Manoram Hospital was founded in 2004, since then it has opened the doors to public. Manoram Hospital was the first of its kind to emphasize on mental health care. It is the leader in offering behavioral services and psychiatric services.Manarom offers patients a personal touch in healing their ailment. The excellent and experienced staff strives hard to maintain the standard set by the hospital. They take care of children, adults, elders through diagnostic evaluation, treatment, prevention, education, relapse prevention and aftercare. The staff aims to offer services covering all aspects of mental health and psychiatry for outpatient services, inpatient care and day program.

The philosophy of this Manarom is “Good mental health is the cornerstone of the quality of life, family and society.”
The wonderful vision of the hospital is “To be the leader in mental healthcare by setting the highest standard of excellence through our commitment to service, compassion, ethics, and fair treatment for all.

To provide world-class services in mental health and psychiatric care and to be the provider of choice
To adhere to the professional code of ethics and good governance.
To provide therapeutic services through a team of highly qualified, skilled and caring professionals; integrating various aspects of the body and the mind for the well being of each  individual.
To commit to employee development and continuous education, and to contribute to the Thai mental health promotion and program.
These are the main points of achieving its mission.

Manarom offers comprehensive interdisciplinary care through evaluation and treatment plans for patients who are over 55 years who experience emotional problems, behavioral problems or cognitive changes related to the aging process or other health conditions related to the aging process.
Memory Fitness and Memory Rehabilitation programs for the elderly, as well as Post- traumatic Brain Rehabilitation program for patients with traumatic brain injuries are also offered at the Manarom Day Hospital.

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