Friday, August 20, 2010

Medical Tourism-A Blessing For Patients!

Medical Tourism in Thailand has become a big industry.Medical tourism can be turned into health tourism also.Bangkok hospitals are the best destinations for medical treatment.Thailand has taken tourism and health seriously.

In mid 1958 a much needed addition to the Sanitarium building increased the total bed capacity to 180.  And that same year, H. H. Queen Sirikit of Thailand opened a modern three-storey concrete building for the school of nursing in which there was dormitory space for 120 student nurses, administrative offices, library and classrooms.  This program has subsequently been developed into a degree program offering a BS in Nursing over a period of four years training.  A new administrative building for the nursing training program was opened in 1989 and the administrative section of the original building along with the library and classrooms were transferred to this new building.  Training schools for medical and x-ray technology, anesthesia, and midwifery were conducted at that time but are currently defunct.  Midwifery has been absorbed by the College program and training in x-ray and laboratory are currently run by government and some other private universities. 
New Name. The name Bangkok Adventist Hospital was officially adopted in 1973.  In 1983 a new wing was opened, built into the original hospital building not to increase beds but to expand much needed outpatient, operating room and patient room facilities.  This wing was called the Ralph Waddell Wing.  In 1987, marking the 50th anniversary of the hospital, the Pleng Vitiamalaksna building was opened to provide beds for Obstetric and Pediatrics and to house a new Food and Bakery service along with much needed car parking spaces.
Mission Health Promotion Center. In 1990 on land purchased some years before, a Lifestyle Center called Mission Health Promotion Center capable of housing 60 people was opened in the hamlet of Muak Lek in the Province of Saraburi, in an attempt to institute traditional Seventh-Day Adventist Health Care Philosophy and delivery aimed at Preventive Medicine, designed on the "Sanitarium" concept and NEWSTART Principles.
Clinical Activity:   In 2003 Bangkok Adventist Hospital admitted approximately 6000 patients and treated 180,000 outpatients.  The hospital currently has 410 employees and about 90 medical staff. Besides admitting and treating patients in the hospital, Bangkok Adventist Hospital also runs a Mobile Clinic which is equipped with x-ray unit.  This is also used for charitable medical outreach of the hospital.

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