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Bangkok Christian Hospital- You Witness Brotherhood and Treatmen

Medical tourism in Thailand is booming.I am strictly following Thailand list of hospitals.Private hospitals in Thailand are known for world class treatment.
When the Missionary arrived in Thailand nearly two centuries ago, they traveled to various places for spreading the Words of the Lord and in the mean time they treated the sicks they met. So, the missionaries were called by the name “Moh” which means “Doctor”. At that time, western medicine was new to Thailand, and the missionaries were considered the pioneer of introducing western medicine to this country; and among them, one the the best known figure is Moh Bradley or Dr. Dan Beach Bradley from Marcellus, New York who had arrived in Bangkok in the year 1835 to be the first western physician in various medical fields such as surgery, smallpox vaccination, translation of a Midwifery Textbook, etc. The missionaries had considered the art and science of healing as part of their mission, as Jesus had commanded them to “Heal the Sicks”.

The Presbyterian Mission was set up in Bangkok in the year 1840 and had extended its mission into the country by establishing offices for evangelism together with the healing mission. Medical doctors had set up clinics and gradually had developed into better equipped hospitals.

While in Bangkok area, which had been the founding place of medical missionary, the American Presbyterian Mission and the Church of Christ in Thailand in the post world war two period had together purchased a piece of 11-rai land situated between Silom Road and Surawong Road with several wooden buildings. After planning and remodeling of the existing buildings, the Bangkok Christian Hospital was officially inaugurated by the late Prime Minister on Saturday the 3rd December, 1949.

The hospital under the directorship of Dr. Marshall P. Welles (resides in Duarte, California, age 98 years), the first director, a Presbyterian missionary and surgeon, had been in progress with increasing numbers of patients, so a new 3-storey OPD building on the corner of Silom & Patpong Road was completed and opened on Monday 20th May, 1957 to serve as Out Patient Department, Dentistry, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Chapel. Few years later, with a grant donated by the late Khun Ying Medhadhibodi, an operation suite building was completed and opened by HRH Princess Mother on Friday the 27th January, 1961.

A plan to build a new Inpatient Building was initiated by the late and beloved Director Dr. Prasong Chairatana & Dr. Welles. A gala premiere of the film "Around the World in 80 Days" on Thursday the 13th February, 1958 at Krung Kasem Theatre was intended to raise fund for the new building. Their Majesties the King and Queen had presided over the most auspicious occasion and Their Majesties had given a Royal Grant for the new building. When finally completed, His Majesty the King inaugurated it on Wednesday the 10th November, 1965. This building was named in 1987 as PrasongChairatana Building in memory of the late beloved director.

In 1970, a staff dormitory had been built with a modern kitchen and cafeteria. A 15-storey office building named in honour of the 'Church of Christ in Thailand', was erected on Surawong Road with a 10-storey carpark. Finally in 1981, the 13-storey 'Moh Bradley Building' in honour of the prominent medical pioneer of this country was completed. The Bangkok Christian Hospital had received its great honour when HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn inaugurated the 'Moh Bradley Building' on Monday the 3rd of August, 1987.

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