Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liver Transplant for Living Long Life!

The human body is like a super computer created by God himself. The whole human body is still a mystery to the most renowned doctors. Our complicated body is made up of so many muscles and bones and organs also. When all these go hand in hand our body functions like anything. Such a big body can not tolerate even a pierce of a needle hence sometimes it breaks down badly. Digestion is a vital system of our body as it directly involves with our intake of food.

Liver looms large in the digestive system which weighs about 1.36kg.It is seen or felt on the right side of the abdomen just below diaphragm. The main functionality of liver is to digest the food and sending it to the different parts of the body. Other functions of liver are, breaking down fats, turning glucose into glycogen and also producing urea. It acts as a store house for vitamin A, D, and K also known for producing cholesterol. So Liver has got lions share in the importance of our body.

The most alarming about this organ is it is very unpredictable. Nobody knows when it goes out of track. When liver stops functioning due to any sort of damage, it causes serious problem, the treatment also won’t help sometimes. As we have been seeing, liver treatments hardly are successful to put us back on track. Only way is to go for Dialysis, when it gets severe.

Nowadays there is a hope for the person who is suffering from liver ailments. Statistics show that one million people suffer from liver failure around the world. Every year many of succumb to death as they can not get timely treatment. In the US itself 1700 people die as they can not get the liver donors on time. This has become the major concern in the medical society especially when they treat liver failure patient.

Liver transplant depends on the availability of the donor. There are innumerable precautions to betaken before the treatment starts. The liver transplant is a complicated surgery hence a highly skilled surgeon is needed to do this. Donor cannot just donate his liver; it has to qualify medically before the donation. Any way Liver donor will be given huge sum of money.

According to medical fraternity donors are preferable from the family within, some how this is not a hard and fast rule. It may vary also. And the donor should be above 18 and below 50 years. The donor also has to undergo various tests. Once he is through then only the transplant takes place. The donor and the patient have to fall in the same category.

The sizes of liver should match perfectly. The donor must be healthy and his liver also should be in great condition .He should not have any infectious diseases. The donor should under go tests like ECG, X-ray, CT Scan and lastly liver biopsy even! It is a tough procedure but saving somebody’s life.

There are so many patients from the west flocking to India for the liver plant transplantation. Highly skilled medical doctors, wonderful infrastructure, and excellent ambience make the patients happy. There are many hospitals in Ahmedabad also for offering this medical assistance. Happy liver transplant for those who are in need!

By Geeta Rao


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