Sunday, June 13, 2010

NHC-SingaporeWelcomes Heart Patients Across The World.

National Heart Center Singapore is well known for curing cardio patients world wide.The heart Doctors are highly skilled and extraorinarily expert in their fileds. The Doctors' unmatched skill has won the hearts of many patients. They form the largest group in Singapore.This hospital is known for super specialities in cardiaology.It treats complex cases easily. Annually NHC Singapore consults above 80,000 patients and 80,000 cardiac investigations.Invasive procedures like angioplasty,pacemaker implantation and open heart surgery are done with excellent care.This is the first hospital in ASIA to receive JointCommission International Accredition. The services include investgaive procedures,medical procedures and surgical procedures.NHC Singapore has got many sister concerns.

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